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The Az Code PDF Ebook Download by Andrew Peterson

The Az Code PDF ebook download by Andrew Peterson. Feel free to read this book only if you really want to learn great method to make money online. If you’re learning code, there’s most likely a chance that you’re looking for a side gig that could make you easy money once you get good at that gig. Most of the time however, it’s a bitch to find a gig that you feel like you could have an impact in. Truth be told almost EVERYTHING in the world has been done before and/or is currently being done. So many entrepreneur workshops drive in that you must find a need and satisfy it in a way that hasn’t been done before. When they say that I usually zone on out. Don’t get me wrong finding a new innovative way to do something is awesome and can bring you lots of joy and even more money. But lets be real how many people are going to achieve that with their “new way” of doing something? Let alone be motivated to continue thinking of problems and potential solutions only to come up empty-handed.

My outlook has always been if it makes money, do it. Why spend hours or weeks or months trying to come up with a new idea that is going to take a **** ton of work and might not work out when there’s hundreds of things you could do to make you money. So for some easy starters, just browse the internet and think of what people need. Don’t try and do only one of the thing I listed below for all your income, work hard at them for a month or so and make it be passive income, extra **** you can use for a vacation or for some new computer parts. The easiest need that comes to mind is websites for me. (hence why I have a web development company)

Websites are essential for all businesses nowadays. People need to be able to find a companies information online and facebook info just isn’t cutting it anymore(tbh I don’t think it ever did). Start out practicing web development (if that interests you), learn basic html5, some javascript and maybe some cc even though bootstrap is everyone’s best friend. Look up cool designs and how you could possibly mirror those in your own practice. Set up a nice looking one-pager or a few page website for your “company” through aws because it is pretty cheap. Then sell. Hardest part without a doubt, but if you can sell you can do anything in life. Check local businesses websites, I guarantee at least a fourth of them were made with wix or were made in 1990. Contact them and offer them a brand new website (you might want to through their **** into a rough template so they can see how it would like look) for $500. The thing with websites, if you plan on sticking to small-medium sized businesses that might only want an email sent on form submission, it’s repetitive and you can make 5 templates and have them choose which one they’d like. From there just take an hour to throw their information in and bam you’ve made a nice chunk of money. Without a doubt one of the easiest ways in my opinion to make money writing code, and it makes for a very nice looking portfolio.

If html5 and web development isn’t your thing, don’t be too worried. There’s plenty of **** out there to do. Make a simple program that retweets every tweet from an account, then make it recursive for 20 times and sell retweets on Twitter (if that **** is allowed I have absolutely no idea, I just know you can retweet/favorite stuff through a program). Make a mailing list that sends information out every week, use web crawlers to grab “important” information so you don’t have to do a thing. Create a simple website for users to sign up then after so many, start looking for advertisers. The list goes on and on and most things aren’t that hard. It’ll teach you different ways of thinking, different languages and it could even make you money. Even if you end up making no money, your resume will be improved ten fold.

What NOT to do is to try and do a little bit of everything. Start off picking one thing you want to accomplish or do, then do it. I know I said above do a couple things to make extra money but only move on to the next project once you’re done with the first one or feel as if you can’t progress without serious help or time commitment.

Quick little blurb I had about coding and money so it is a ****-show, but hope it helps someone out there. by the way, don't miss out a new method to make money online. Click the link below!

The Az Code Download by Andrew Peterson

Thank you! 

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